Morality Music is an independent Hip-Hop/ Management label founded by Bryan “Boss Beez” Pharaon, in January of 2017.  

Morality Music is a culture controlled product, created to respectfully portray the African American culture, struggle, and success, through powerful music and art. 

Our vision is to build a foundation that pushes our artists, employees, and partners to greater heights. Where each individual is committed to perfecting their craft. 

We produce, distribute, and stand for influential music created by positive artist. Integrity, loyalty, trust, honesty, friendship, and proactivity are core values in this family. 

Our goal is to continuously build brand loyalty/trust by honoring all promises and commitments. Our supporters should expect quality and creativity behind EVERY product/event we are a part of.  

We support all ambitious, motivated, determined, and passionate artist. Artist services, such as music videos, recording/mixing sessions, cover art, and platform uploads are provided to any artist in need. We will also get involved community activities like local concerts, pop-up shops, and any other recreational gatherings. 

We will remain relentless, Morality Music.