Morality Music is an independent Hip-Hop Management Label founded by Bryan “Boss Beez” Pharaon in January of 2017.

Our vision is to build a foundation that pushes our artists, employees, and partners to greater heights, where each individual is committed to perfecting their craft.

Nast B

Nast B is Morality music's first/main artist. He has been under management for about 3 years. Through our management efforts, he has gotten an industry feature with Zoey Dollaz, major radio interviews, press releases, and blog placements. He has also grown his brand tremendously through school and merch campaigns. He has also trademarked his brand "RDI".


  • Foundation

    Establishing the basic fundamentals of a hip-hop artist to help produce at an efficient level.

  • Brand

    Establishing a consistent lane to better attack your audience.

  • Social Media Presence

    Establishing a certain aesthetic to improve your appeal.

  • Marketing Strategy

    Strategizing a proper way to market a hip-hop artist's projects.

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