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What artists lack

Industry Knowledge

Do you know what the industry is looking for? It's crucial you have the proper knowledge to apply yourself.


Are you being authentic or keeping up with trends? Knowing what makes you special is how you stand out.


Are you doing everything on your own? Being an effective artist means growing your business side too.


Who are you around each day? The most important thing you can do is be surrounded with the right people.

Artists showing respect

Boss Beez is a close friend and an even better mentor. Leading by example, direct or indirect, he continually provides insights into creating and being a well-rounded leader in the music business world. Beez exemplifies what it means to take your time building a solid foundation and letting your hard work grow the fruits of your labor. One of my favorite quotes from Beez is β€œSelf-awareness is a gift from God.”

– Artist & Business Owner, HighLife Studios

The best manager any artist could have, and I mean that with all my heart. Beez level of dedication is the reason why I have no doubt in my mind that we will make it in this industry! Real live beast! I’m blessed to have him by my side.

– Artist & Investor, Real Deal Individual

With BossBeez it was never β€œJust business”. Here’s a guy who truly cares to see your growth as a person, let alone an artist! Whatever it takes to help you bloom, whether it means being the pot, the soil, the water, or the sunlight! Beez wants to see your garden grow!

– Artist & Business Owner, We4Them Lemonade

Working with Beez has been really cool so far, and I’m looking forward to getting more done. I appreciate Beez's charisma, confidence, knowledge, and leadership. I’ve learned a lot about music and life. I think Beez has a really great thing going on, and I look forward to seeing him take over.

– Artist

Rapper vs Rap Hobby

Which one are you? Read these 9 chapters to find out.

What makes the Morality Music approach different?

We only implement what we do successfully.

Our experience

Our combined 10 years of experience in music and business gives us the framework to make good decisions.

Our team

Our team is comprised of people spanning branding, marketing, sound, sales, web development, finance, and more.

Our mistakes

The road we took was not smooth sailing. Over the years, we've made a shit ton of mistakes that you can avoid.

Our community

We continuously network with power players for a reason: To put you on. Strategic partners are key to every artists growth.

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